Guest Memory

By: Carol W.

Maplewood, NJ

It’s not every day that a person asks someone if they would like to do a “Triple Dog Dare”!  But two summers ago, I was asked by the Golden Arrow if I would like to do one.   My attachment to Mirror Lake had caught their interest.    It all started several years ago with my love for swimming in the lake.    I knew that many folks compete in “triathlons” and “The Ironman” in Mirror Lake, but I wanted something non-competitive.  So one day while at the ocean I bought a bright yellow boogie board and this became my Mirror Lake toy.  Like a child looks forward to “playtime” I look forward to “my swim”!  Everyday while onvacationI take my board, put it in the water, take a moment to reflect  (and to get use to the cool water lapping at my feet!) then I ease down onto the board and off I go! For an hour and a half-it’s just me, my thoughts, and heaven on earth, as I swim the two mile plus perimeter around the lake.  And during this swim I drink in the most breathtaking scenery imaginable!  I take in the shoreline and all the unique homes; folks wave and call from boats and land; the water splashes (depending on the day and the winds) and I am so alive!  The smells from town fill the air and as I paddle along I dream of all their flavors!   I listen and seek the mysterious loon that sails eloquently about.  And my eyes fix upon the domineering Whiteface Mountain and the smaller foothills that surround the lake.  And I am at one with nature and all its magnificence.  I dare you to enjoy my adventure—in fact, I “Triple Dog Dare” you!