Guest Memory

By: Karen & Chris P.

Shortsville, NY

For the first time publicly told, my wife and I triumphed over danger, during our 2010 vacation at the Golden Arrow Resort.
I have a great job, with plently of vacation time.  My wife Karen, has a good job with scant vacation time.  In 2010, after a couple years without a real getaway, we dicided to hit the north country for a week.  The first couple of days of this much needed sabatical, beginning on the St. Lawrence, was highlighted by a case of mild food poisoning that Karen endured beginning the first day. Nearly hospitalized, she slowly began recovering, but as the trooper she is, insisted on forging ahead, which brought us to Golden Arrow at mid-week. 
 Following an afternoon check in, we rowed onto Mirror Lake, just after sunset, our first evening there. This special circumstance that only Golden Arrow offers on Mirror Lake, brought into sharp focus the whimsical qualities in my wife that reminded me why I'm so in love with her.
The next  morning, we decided that a two-person kayak from GA's private beach was the moxy for our day.  As we paddled out into the  gorgeous morning, we marveled at the sense of peace and relaxation we felt, that was completely under-girded by the Golden Arrow atmosphere and amenities.  As we  reached the other side of the lake though, I noted a sluggishness to the masked cardio-vascular workout we were enjoying in spite of ourselves.  As a side note and fitness tip, the more you mask your workouts, the better.  
Anyway, we realized that our kayak was missing the aft plug and we had been taking on water from the start of our  little expedition.  Soon afterward, the moment arrived that caused me to sacrifice my 250 lb. frame into the lake to save the ship and my wife.  Well, she entered the water also, largely because the flip flops we had been wearing were floating away from us and were somehow worth saving... whimsical indeed, which believe it or not, prompted a lively discussion.
After a brief lecture about the perilous nature of our dilemma, Karen got back in the boat to paddle as I swam alongside.  
Mocked by a fairly stiff headwind, this effort at times seemed to be an excercise in futility.  As our energy levels disipated, our determination rose in response to the psychological intensity of our conflict.  About 30 minutes after our first "Mayday" moment and using the white sands of the GA resort as a beacon,  we slithered onto the shore of the GA resort 15 minutes later.
Barely able to stand and in a mild state of shock as we reached the GA sands, a young couple seemed eager to relieve us of this kayak, which unbeknown to them was 3/4 full of water.  "I'd think twice about hitting a roadside puddle in this ship, if I were you, I was able to mutter, thinking I was saving them from a similar fate. 
My wife and I slithered directly to the pool area, where we sat in the jacuzzi staring blankly at one another for nearly a half an hour, saying little.
A smidgen of energy returned to us that day and we did recover, but I must admit that the ambience of the Golden Arrow was instrumental to our total recovery and reversed a negative vacation into a positive one.
While my wife's resilience played into the scenario, it was ultimetely the amenities of a superior resort, the Golden Arrow,  that medicated this potentially bad vacation into a good one. 
See you soon.