Guest Memory

By: Tracy T.

Averill Park, NY

I first stayed at the Golden Arrow in 2000 when my father re-married and I loved it.  When I met my fiance in 2006, he and I stayed there several times while we were dating and he loved it too.  The Golden Arrow quickly became our favorite place to stay in Placid (always a lakeside balcony room!) so it was a natural choice for our honeymoon.  We were on a budget so we planned to spend half of the week in a hotel and half of it tenting and canoeing.  We stayed at the Golden Arrow for the first few nights of our honeymoon and we had a blast relaxing, watching movies and eating at our favorite restaurants.  We especially loved the short walk to the cafe in the Alpine Mall for a hot drink on a bright crisp fall morning.  On Sunday we checked out and we took our canoe out and camped in the rain for a few days.  In the middle of the week, we had planned to stay at a nice cabin in Paul Smith's for two nights, but the cabin was old, it was muggy out, and the fireplace chimney wasn't working well, so after a long smokey night (freezing with the doors open to try to dissipate the smoke) we got a refund for the second night and drove back to the Golden Arrow hoping they had a room available.  They did.  We decided to stay in the Morningside Suite and we were SO glad we did.  It was GORGEOUS and it was an extremely welcome sight after the smokey sleeplessness of the previous night!  We felt spoiled rotten and we loved every minute of our honeymoon at the Golden Arrow, and the Golden Arrow is still our first choice for our Lake Placid trips.  Thank  you so much!!