From: Maizie M, age 7
I have so many memories from Lake Placid. My favorite part was when I was fishing in front of Whiteface on Golden Arrows docks.  Once we all even chose to go on the paddle boat.  It was really fun.  We all even caught the same rock bass.  We went hiking up Whiteface Mountain.  I tripped over a log.  We went mining I got blue, red, green, orange, yellow and even got an arrow head. I had the best time. Most I had had the best time at at Golden Arrow beach trying to keep my breakfast away from the ducks.  We even have met the same people each time we go at the beach.
From: Malia M, age 11
Lake Placid... When I hear someone say "Lake Placid" I think of kayaks, canoes, paddleboat's, fishing, swimming, the sand and all the great friends I meet each year.  One of the many reason we go every year is because Golden Arrow and Lake Placid itself has so much to offer.  I remember two years ago my sister and I met two great friends.  Every morning we all would wake up early to get a Kayak.  The next year we saw them again!  What are the chances of that? I really hope they come again next year.  My favorite activity is fishing.  One time we all kept catching the same fish!  Swimming is also very fun because I look while I swim and I can see all the other fish, clams and rocks- I always bring my goggles for that specific purpose.  I am very interested in the connection that Golden Arrow has with nature. For example, fish , ducks, clams, birds, trees, sand, the lake, grass, and Whiteface Mt. They are all a big part of my amazing experience in Lake Placid at Golden Arrow. 
I am defiantly coming next year.