Guest Memory

By: Vicki M.

Saratoga Springs, NY

In the summer of 2011 our son-in-law, who was widowed in 2006, remarried.  His 7 year old son (our grandson) was his best man.  The wedding was a beautiful day celebrating the beginning of a new and loving family.  Two days after the wedding, our son-in-law and his bride set out on their honeymoon and we set out on what our grandson quickly labeled "his honeymoon"!  After much deliberation we decided to spend the first three days of our honeymoon at the Golden Arrow.  We had a fabulous room that opened onto Mirror Lake.  Each morning when the sun came up our grandson would be pulling on my husband's hand and they would be headed for the kayaks....this before breakfast!  Our days were spent on the beach, in the kayaks, in the gameroom, in the pool, in the get the picture!  Our grandson didn't even want to leave the Golden Arrow to eat so we spent several mealtimes at Generations which lived up to its name by catering to our youngest member.  Extended family joined us and we had a pizza picnic on the grass outside our room.  I can't even imagine a more perfect vacation!  We had such a wonderful time that we have booked a room to return next summer on the first anniversary of our honeymoon with our grandson!