Guest Memory

By: Sandy & Byron R.

Fairport, NY

The Golden Arrow is our “base camp” for all our Adirondack adventures. This perfectly situated resort in the heart of the High Peaks gives us a front row seat for viewing the spectacular lake and mountain vistas of the Adirondacks. We also appreciate the Golden Arrow’s eco-friendly approach that helps protect the priceless natural resources of the Adirondacks. Seeing the mountains rise all around us as we drive into Lake Placid leaves us feeling awestruck by the beauty of this special place every time we visit.        Several years ago we were able to climb to the summit of Cascade Mountain on a picture-perfect day and enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the mountains at the peak of fall color. Last fall, we decided to take a shorter hike and headed up Cobble Hill, whose trailhead is within walking distance of the Golden Arrow. Part way up the hill, we encountered a slide (created by Hurricane Irene?), so we pulled ourselves up using a rope that someone before us had secured between two trees. From there we could see Mirror Lane and the Golden Arrow in the distance. But wherever we hike, there is nothing more relaxing than coming back to our comfortable room at the Golden Arrow and gazing out at the mountains we just climbed.       Another of our favorite Golden Arrow memories is hearing the call of the loon in the early morning hours. Last fall, we left the sliding balcony door of our lakefront room open just enough so that we could hear the loon call out as we were waking up. As the sun started to rise, we could see that the entire lake and surrounding mountains were covered in heavy fog. But gradually the fog lifted, and bright sunshine sparkled on Mirror Lake and lit up the High Peaks. And there was our loon, swimming peacefully on the tranquil water.