Guest Memory

By: Zachary B.

Cortland, NY

My fiance and I, along with 5 of our closest friends/relatives ventured to the Adirondacks with one goal - to get married on top of a mountain.  We had stayed at the Golden Arrow once before and knew that its amazing location, comfy beds and beautiful rooms would be perfect for our journey, but we had yet to choose the mountain.  After an awesome night on the town and some much needed rest, we flipped a coin and begin our pursuit up Giant Mountain.  The hike began with some overcast clouds and a chance for rain but, remaining positive, we struggled through a strenuous yet well worth it 3.5 hour hike.  Upon reaching the summit, the clouds began to break up, the sun poked through and we had our picture perfect wedding ceremony with Mount Marcy as the back drop.  Eight months later, I'm proud to say that we're a very happily married couple with plans to return to the Golden Arrow and the beautiful Adirondack Mountains for many years to come.