Guest Memory

By: Karen T.

Auburn, NY

We chose to come to the Golden Arrow for our honeymoon in 1996.  We couldn’t imagine jetting off to an exotic beach when we were within driving distance of one of the most beautiful places on earth!  As it turned out, our stay was during a warm week of peak leaf color.  AMAZING!   It was a trip filled with walks around the lake, relaxing on the balcony & by the fireplace in our room, visits to the nearby attractions and (of course) delicious food at every meal.  It was all so spectacular and has remained a treasured memory for us!
Fast forward to 2011 and we made the trip back to Golden Arrow to celebrate our 15th Anniversary... with our three children!   We loved revisiting the spots we had been to and seeing how much our kids enjoyed seeing the same things for the first time.  While some things had changed, the fresh, happy, peaceful feeling of Lake Placid remained.  It was funny that what we remembered as a romantic spot for us to get away from it all was also our destination for quality family time!    We, once again, went home with wonderful memories of our trip to Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.    The kids asked for the trip to be an annual tradition... how could we refuse?