Guest Memory

By: Jane D.

Springfield, IL

Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort are like our second home. Our love story with Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow began in 1979, as my husband and my love story was unfolding-we traveled to the area on our honeymoon. We enjoyed the wonderful accommodations of the Golden Arrow, spending our days exploring the Olympic venues to be .Over the years we have returned to Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow Resort at least one time yearly, to partake in the activities the area has to offer. We’ve introduced our children, parents, sisters, brothers, and friends to the joys of Lake Placid. We’ve spent frosty, snowflake filled weekends skating on Mirror Lake and the “Oval”, skiing Whiteface and the trails at Mt.Van Hoevenberg, and cheering bobsled racers as they zigged and zagged past us. We’ve come to cheer on my husband and brother-in-law in their quests to be iron men. Summer vacation days have been filled with hikes, mountain bike rides, swims in Mirror Lake, and fishing from the Golden Arrow’s docks and fleet of boats. We’ve come to “peep” at the fall leaves, partake in the festivities of the Flaming Leaves Festival, and once again fish from the docks of the Golden Arrow on crisp, autumn mornings with Whiteface as our diversion, as we wait for the fish to nibble on our bait.
       Someone once told us that each year you should re-energize by vacationing at a spot that touches your heart. Lake Placid touches our heart and the Golden Arrow comforts our bodies.