Guest Memory

By: Rebekka H.

College Pointe, NY

One of the very first things that we did when we went to Lake Placid was ride on a dogsled on Mirror Lake.  This breathtaking experience is how our trip at the Golden Arrow Hotel in Lake Placid started.

It was our first time ever in Lake Placid and our family on a fun skiing trip.  Although we did have a great time skiing at Whiteface Mountain, most of the fun we had in Lake Placid was at the Golden Arrow Hotel.  

One of the things that we loved about the Golden Arrow Hotel from the start is the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. The hotel sits right on the edge of Mirror Lake.  When you walk into the hotel lobby there is a large window that lights up your eyes.  It enables you to have a view of the entire lake.

Our room was great, it was the perfect size for our family.  It had a warm fireplace, two beds, a trundle bed, and we had the nicest accomodating room service.

But beside it being cozy, it was also convenient.  You could walk right out the back door onto the lake.  This was especially great for us since we all loved to ice skate.  One time when we were putting on our skates, a mink ran right by our door.  We ran out and followed it until it ran under a dock.

Since everyday in Lake Placid it snowed, the patch where we would ice skate was always covered again.  My father would spend hours shoveling the snow, but enjoying himself all the while.

Our whole family loved the enormous pool and jacuzzis.  We would run out into the snow in our wet bathing suits, make snow angels, then run back in shivering and jump into the jacuzzi.  We had a blast doing this.

We spent our dinners at Generations eating the delicious food they served there.  The best though was the incredible cheesecake. No matter how full you were you could always have a bite of it.

Another great thing was that the hotel led into the Alpine Mall, which had a collection of adorable little shops with collectors items and souvenirs.

The Golden Arrow Hotel is a great spot, everything is a short distance.  Since we had already seen the great movie "Miracle on Ice", it was really exciting for us to see the Herb Brooks Arena, which is the actual spot where the Winter Olympics took place.  My brother was especially interested and we got some great photos of the rink and the outside building.

Between going camping, going to Ocean City, New Jersey, and going to Lake Placid, we all agreed hands down that our trip to the Golden Arrow Hotel in Lake Placid was our best vacation ever!