Guest Memory

By: Michael M.

Hamilton, NJ

No summer is ever complete until we get our Adirondack Mountain fix.  As we leave our  home in the midst of an oppressive heat wave, all we can think about is checking into Room 426 at the Golden Arrow for a few days of Paradise.  Our minivan is on automatic pilot for the next 6 hours until we arrive in Lake Placid.  While I check in, my wife and three daughters are unloading the car and making their way into the lobby.  With keys in hand, they quickly get into the room and don their bathing suits and make a beeline for Mirror Lake and its cold refreshing waters.  I park the car and catch up with them but they are already half way across the lake in their kayaks. Eventually my wife and I jump into a canoe and catch up with them along with some loons who are enjoying themselves.  My goal is to burn off all that excess energy from being stuck in the car for so long and work up a hearty appetite.   After we dry off,  we get dressed and walk to one of the great restaurants in town – Generations, the Cottage, the Boathouse to name a few. Before we retire for the night, my daughter plays a few songs on the vintage piano in the lobby to the delight of nearby guests.Over the next couple of days, we hike in and around the High Peaks including a 7 mile round trip trail up  the Saint Regis Mountain just north of Saranac Lake with its breathtaking panoramic views of the High Peaks, Vermont and Quebec.   We also do a 5 mile hike to Rocky Falls where we cool off in the stream; and a bit longer extension almost up to Indian Pass.  There is nothing more exhilarating than being surrounded by the High Peaks. The Golden Arrow in Lake Placid is a magical place.  It has something for everyone – mountains, lakes, top notch restaurants, music, nightlife, star-studded nights and a surprising number of foreigners who give it that cosmopolitan feeling.  Is it summer yet?