Covid Safety in the Pool Area

The pool is now open!
Please note, we have new pool rules due to COVID-19.

Pool Rules
  • The pool can be booked by reservation only – GUESTS MUST BE ON PREMISES TO RESERVE. You cannot reserve more than 7 days in advance
  • All social distancing guidelines must be followed
  • Masks must be worn unless in the water
  • 1 adult must be present per 2 kids
  • No more than 4 “family groups” can be in the pool area at one time. A “family group” cannot exceed 10 guests. There is a maximum of 20 guests in the pool area at any one time block
  • Guests will meet in the lobby at their designated swim time and will then be escorted to the pool by a front desk agent. Guests will have a 15-minute window to arrive at the front desk before their swim time is given to someone else.
  • Guests will have 1.5 hours to swim, but can leave anytime before that if they wish. Once the allotted swim time is up, a houseman will come to the pool to let guests know
  • Once all of the guests have departed, the houseman will disinfect the pool area – putting special emphasis on high touch areas such as the bathrooms, chairs, etc.
  • Guests can only reserve 1 swim time per day – however, if you would like to swim twice, you can come to the lobby at a designated swim time and see if any other guests have signed up – if not, you can swim again
  • The sauna & steamrooms remain closed at this time
  • No glass or food is allowed in the pool area
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