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Eco-Friendly Travel at it’s Finest

Gift Bags. Repeat guests often receive welcome back bags from us. Of course the bags themselves are made of post consumer content and are recyclable themselves. However, we also think that the contents should be green as well. We put in our recycled pens, locally made gifts such as wooden coasters, and soy chap sticks. We were also pleased to include some note cards purchased from The Adirondack Council. Those moneys go directly to helping preserve the wild nature of the Adirondack Park. The Adirondack Council is the leading voice for Adirondack conservation. They are showing the world how people and nature can thrive together, keeping the Adirondack Park Forever Wild.

In-Room Recycling Program

We give our guests the opportunity to actively participate in our sustainability programs during their stays. In each guest room is a recycling bag. We ask guests to place all of their recyclable materials into these bags so we can make sure they are properly disposed of. We now have a ‘No Sort’ system so recycling is easier than ever. Since the program’s inception in June of 2007, we have seen approximately 85% guest participation! THANKS! We could not do it without your help!

Sheet/Towel Reuse Program

This is not very original, & thankfully many hotels have something similar in place. It is something that guests are very familiar with and are comfortable participating in. It is also an easy way for them to help conserve while they are visiting with us. The hotel saves approximately 1.1 million gallons of water per year with our “Do Not Change the Sheets” program. The amount of water saved is equivalent to filling our indoor pool 40 times!

The Green Quiz

All around the resort, there are beautiful picture frames made of scrap wood from one of the various construction projects around the resort and different recycled materials based on the theme of the questions in the frame. Each of these frames contains an “environmental fun facts” about the resort. Guests are given a quiz and are asked to go all around the resort finding the answers in the frames. Guests who correctly answer the questions get an earth prize to take home with them.

The Famous Green Gift Bag

Thanks for Bein’ Green Gift Bag. Any guest who travels to the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort by foot, bike, ski or hybrid car received a “Thanks for Bein’ Green” gift bag upon arrival. Just show us your mode of transportation when you arrive and claim your prize.

VIP Parking for Green Vehicles

Premier Hybrid Parking. We have created a permanent parking spot ONLY for guests who travel here in a hybrid vehicle. The spot is prime parking right near the front door.


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