Takeout Menu

Available 4-8pm Thursday – Sunday | Call 518-837-5052 to order | Credit Cards only


Chicken Wings
crispy fried wings tossed in your choice of hot, medium, mild, sawtooth BBQ or maple chipotle.
Served with blue cheese & ranch dressing.  $12 

Fire Tower
a large hand crafted Bavarian style pretzel served with homemade Bitberger mustard. $11 

Potato Skins
deep fried potato skins topped with bacon, mozzarella & cheddar. Served with sour cream $10

BBQ Chicken Quesadilla
grilled chicken, peppers, onions, cheddar mozzarella & homemade sawtooth BBQ sauce. $12

Coconut Shrimp
crispy fried coconut shrimp served with chipotle aioli for dipping. $14


Baby Wolfjaw
two 4oz patties topped with cheddar, bacon & homemade sawtooth BBQ sauce.
Served on a sesame seed bun with fries. $15

 fire braised chicken breast topped with cheddar, bacon & homemade sawtooth BBQ sauce.
Served on a sesame seed bun with fries. $15

Lean To
 grilled beyond burger topped with sautéed peppers, onions & chipotle aioli. $15


Cheese Pizza
marinara, mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan cheese on a cauliflower crust. $12 

fire braised chicken, Black River bacon, roasted tomatoes, homemade ranch, cheddar & mozzarella on a cauliflower crust. $15

Green Roof
fresh garlic oil, roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions, mozzarella & balsamic reduction on a cauliflower crust. $15 


Taproom Mac & Cheese
stout caramelized onions, Black River bacon & rigatoni pasta tossed in a homemade creamy cheese sauce.
Finished with white truffle oil & bread crumbs.$15

Grilled Salmon 
grilled jail Island salmon finished with maple thyme glaze. Served with roasted potatoes & vegetables. $22 

North Country Chicken
Grilled Chicken Breast topped with our stout gravy & roasted corn relish. Served over roasted potatoes & vegetables. $17

Meatless Bolognaise
beyond burger meat sauce tossed in rigatoni & tomato sauce. $15

NY Strip Steak
 grilled 12 oz strip steak topped with our homemade steak sauce. Served with roasted potatoes & steamed vegetables. $25

Daily Specials

Maple Chipotle Chicken Sammy
 fire braised chicken breast tossed in maple chipotle sauce & topped cheddar & bacon on a sesame seed bun.
Served with fries. $15

Pizza & Boneless Wings
Large Pizza of your choice & 30 boneless wings tossed in choice of sauce. $25 (Pizza not Gluten Free)

Smash Burger
two 4oz burger patties topped with your choice of cheddar, American , stout onions& Generations secret sauce.
Served with Fries. $14

Buffalo Chicken Poutine
French fries topped with shredded buffalo chicken & Crumbled blue cheese. $12


Cheese Pizza
marinara, mozzarella, cheddar & parmesan cheese on a cauliflower crust. $12 each

Chicken Tenders
crispy deep fried chicken tenders with French fries. $10 

rigatoni pasta tossed in your choice of butter or marinara sauce. $10


$3 Saranac Soda
Root Beer | Shirley Temple | Ginger Beer
Single Serving Saratoga Sparkling/Still Water

Large Saratoga Sparkling/Still Water



Beer Bottles & Cans

Budweiser | Bud Light | Coors Light
Miller Light | Michelob Ultra | PBR

Corona | Labatt Blue Light
Bitburger Drive (Non-alcoholic)
Saranac Pale Ale | Woodchuck Cider

Guinness | Resin IPA
Elvis Juice Grapeuit Infused IPA
Schneider Weisse, Original Weissbier

Red Wine

Pinot Noir, Brownstone, California $26/$7 Glass
Cabernet, Chasing Lions, North Coast $28/$8 Glass
Zinfandel, Bogle, California $28/$8 Glass
Malbec, Tilia, Argenna $25/$7 Glass
Merlot, 14 Hands, Washington $26/$7 Glass

White Wine

Pinot Grigio, Zenato, Italy. $24/$7 Glass
Chardonnay, Brownstone, California. $26/$7 Glass
Riesling, Relax, Germany. $28/$8 Glass
Sauvignon Blanc, Brancott Estate, New Zealand. $28/$8 Glass
White Zinfandel, Canyon Oaks, California. $20/$7 Glass
Rose, Band of Roses, Washington. * $28/$8 Glass


Brut, Pol Clement, France. $20/$7 Glass
Prosecco, Zonin, Italy. $24
Brut, Roederer Anderson Estate, California. $39
Champagne, Lanson Black Label Brut, France. $75