Pet Friendly Lodging

The Golden Arrow family understands how wonderful it is to share an Adirondack vacation with your furry companion. We are pet lovers ourselves and many places around Lake Placid are pet friendly. 

We realize that, especially in unfamiliar settings, dogs will be dogs; despite a historical track record of exemplary behavior. We therefore happily allow you to share with your pet the creature comforts of your guest room provided they adhere to the following conditions:
  • All pets incur a $100 per pet fee. This fee covers you for up to a 7 night stay. If you stay longer than 7 nights, additional charges will apply.
  • Outdoors: Please keep dogs on a leash and respectfully clean up after them.
  • Pets are not permitted to swim on the sandy beach area. Anyone’s pet found running around wet or unleashed on the beach will be asked to place your pet in a local kennel or to check out.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Pool area or Fitness Center.
  • Pets are restricted to Deluxe Rooms located on the 3rd floor only. We do this to be able to assure other guests that may have pet allergies that no animal has been in any Suite or Specialty Room or any room on a floor besides the 3rd. If you do keep an unregistered pet in a non-pet friendly room, you will be charged a fee of $200.
  • Pets are not to be left unattended in the room. If an emergency necessitates a pet being left in their room alone, the animal must be crated and a contact number given to the Front Desk. We reserve the right to refuse daily housekeeping to rooms in which a pet is left loose.
  • In addition to the pet surcharge, a $100 per pet authorization will be taken on the credit card on file upon arrival. This authorization will be released at the time of departure barring any unintentional property damage, “accidents,” noise complaints, or disobedience of our leash law. Should your pet seriously damage an item of our property, you will be charged full replacement value. Chronic disturbance issues may result in our requiring you to take your pet(s) to a local kennel or being asked to check out.
Bring your pet + feel good about it!

For each pet that visits Golden Arrow, 10% of pet fees collected are donated annually to the local Humane Society or a pet charity chosen by one of our favorite guests that traveled with their animal that year. This amounts to thousands of dollars each year which directly benefits the hundreds of animals that pass through the doors of the local shelter each year. By visiting the Golden Arrow with your beloved pet, you are helping these animals find loving homes!

Is your furry friend feeling under the weather during your stay?

We recommend a visit to the Lake Placid Animal Hospital.

Lake Placid Animal Hospital
5673 Cascade Road
Lake Placid, NY 12946